New Technologies and Solutions in Industrial Maintenance

Canadiance makes new technologies and efficient and innovative industrial maintenance tools available to companies here and abroad. With a focus on security and performance, our solutions are beneficial to both SMEs and large businesses.

The Canadiance range of products comprises an exhaustive list of software features. Here are a few.

6-Colour Imaging

This feature allows the visualization of different materials in different colours depending on their composition / atomic group (weight), for example, organic and high-low inorganic; light, heavy and dense metals. This feature, when compared to simple 3-colour imaging, enables greater differentiation by the operator, and more rapid and accurate identification of various hazardous products.

image 6 couleurs

Perfect Image

This feature is a powerful algorithm for enhancement of the image presented by increasing clarity, precision and separation (contours) of objects.

Clear x-ray picture

Real-Time Diagnostics

All products include a material surveillance function. This function allows the rapid diagnosis of any problems, and ensures safer operation by blocking the conveyor automatically until the problem is resolved.

Diagnostic table

Explosive Material Assistant

This software is a powerful real-time image analysis system constantly seeking any explosive product through the images. The operator is automatically informed by the appearance of a red circle isolating and identifying the possible source.

6-colour image - red circle
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